16/11/17 Update

So this is awkward. I bet a lot of you thought this blog died, huh? Well it didn’t. You can tell it didn’t because my last blog update apparently came from the future. Yeah, that’s it, I was inventing time travel. Just you wait, I’ll go back and make the important changes. Like telling Geoff Johns to stay on Aquaman. Or telling myself to not fall behind on my blog. You know, the stuff that really matters.

But in all seriousness, I have really fallen behind here. Not only in terms of new content, but also in my comic rankings (some of you apparently come here just for that). I’m catching up, and it will probably be up to date by the end of the month. I could go faster, but I’ve just been really enjoying my time off uni. Also, I plan on actually writing stuff again, and have something already in the works.

So yeah, just a heads up to you all: this blog isn’t dead, it was just asleep.

31/07/17 Update

So I’ve been gone for a while. Aside from just being tired from uni, I also spent a while getting new furniture, which takes a lot more time and effort than I thought. I also started my masters, which are much more difficult than my Bachelors were. So I’ve been busy, in addition to my regular procrastination. But I feel the need to just give a quick update on this blog’s status and all, even if it’s something I update on a whim as it is. It surprised me how many people check this blog despite the lack of content, so it only felt right to give a quick update. Continue reading “31/07/17 Update”