In the Hood — Who Should Be the Next Red Hood Writer?

Scott Lobdell’s run on Red Hood and the OutlawsRed Hood/Arsenal and Red Hood: Outlaw is coming to an end. For the majority of the 2010s, Lobdell has been the driving force behind the stories told with Jason Todd, the second Robin and then Red Hood. I can’t say I’m sad to see it end, because I’ve always felt that Lobdell took an interesting character and boiled him down to his lowest common denominator appeal — this is not helped by the likely reason behind Lobdell leaving.

For those who don’t know, Jason Todd was the second Robin and famously was killed by the Joker. He returned to life and took up the identity of the Red Hood and was a Batman villain because he couldn’t get over how Bruce Wayne never killed the Joker for all he’d done — clearly also tied to his own daddy issues with Bruce. He would also go on to menace Dick Grayson during his Batman tenor before the New 52 clumsily reintegrated him into the Bat-family, and he has since been primarily written as a largely generic anti-hero bad boy by Scott Lobdell. It has not been a good run for most people, and every fan of the character I know has welcomed this news and has been waiting for a change of writer for years.

I’m going to talk about who I feel should be handed the reins to Jason Todd’s character. Some will be obvious, some less so, but these are creators who I feel would do Jason Todd justice. These aren’t writers who I feel would really be replicating Lobdell’s style or even be the types to have him be aligned with the Bat-family, if they had a choice. These are just writers who I feel would do well with the character.

I want these to be at least somewhat reasonable, so I’m not going to throw, like, Brian Michael Bendis on here or something — these are creators who I could actually see writing a good Red Hood ongoing, and I’ll explain why. Continue reading “In the Hood — Who Should Be the Next Red Hood Writer?”

The Best Comic Book Story Arcs of the 2010s

As I’ve made clear in previous posts, the 2010s were a good time for comics. I’ve looked at the best comic runs, but now I’m taking it a step down and going into the best comic arcs. These aren’t entire series — unless it’s a miniseries or an ongoing that was cut short — or runs, but arcs. Naming these is a bit weird because some writers don’t really name their arcs, but luckily trades exist, and you can usually tell when something is an arc.

To qualify, the first issue of the arc needs to have been released in the 2010s. That limits my options enough while setting strict rules. Hopefully this makes it fair. Also, this is more of a superhero comic thing, so be warned if that bugs you.

Anyway, get your six (most likely) bag and boards ready, because we’re going to be looking at the best comic book story arcs of the 2010s!

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Best Continuing Comic Series of 2017

Last year was a good year for comics. DC’s Rebirth relaunch settled in, allowing creators to tell some truly amazing stories with strong reimaginings of the company’s characters. The Young Animal imprint mostly stayed strong throughout, really coming into its own. Marvel took a page from DC’s book and is trying to recapture what it thinks fans miss from their universe (something I have mixed opinions on, but here’s not the place for that). And during all this you have some excellent series not from the Big Two either maintaining their excellence or just coming out of nowhere and surprising everyone. 2017 was a good year for comics.

I’ve been away from blogging for a long time, but that little sidebar ranking current ongoing series I’m reading? That is completely up to date. I’ve just fallen really behind on monthly ongoing comics, which made me question whether or not I should do this list. However, I think that this list has been determined for a while now. Nothing that I haven’t read will likely really make a difference to this list. To qualify for this list, the series had to have had at least one issue released in 2016, and one in 2017. Anyway, let’s get on with it. These are the best continuing series of 2017.

Warning: mild spoilers.

Note: Please forgive the weird formatting on some entries when it comes to art. Comixology is bad about this and is where I get my information. Continue reading “Best Continuing Comic Series of 2017”

Ongoings for the New Comic Reader – DC Comics (2017, Q1)

Ongoings for the New Comic Reader is exactly what it sounds like — the posts where I recommend current ongoing comics to new readers, mostly based on the current or most recent arc. I focus heavily on the series being new reader friendly, so if the latest masterpiece of Grant Morrison’s isn’t here, you know why. I’m mainly concerned with what I myself am reading, but will occasionally recommend something people have told me or I’ve heard is good, if I feel it bits (these recommendations will be clearly labeled).

DC’s output has finally levelled out a bit, with the Rebirth titles being frequent enough that I can now determine quality more accurately, so quite a few things have dropped off this list. At the same time, both the Young Animal imprint and the rebooted Wildstorm universe have been establishing themselves, and have been mostly excellent, so they easily fill in for the series that I wouldn’t recommend. Join me after the break for my comic recommendations for new readers based on Q1 of 2017.

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