Falling Back Into Dragon Ball

When it comes to Shonen, everyone has their first love. Really, I think my first proper Shonen anime that I got really into was Naruto (of course), which happened during my teenage years (of course) when I was a big weeb (of course). But, really, my first proper one, from all the way back in my days as a child barbarian with no Fuzz to speak of, was Dragon Ball Z.

Thanks to COVID-19 putting the comic book industry on hold, and with me not being interested in the video games that haven’t been delayed, I decided to watch Dragon Ball Super. This awakened things in me…

I ended up watching all of Super, playing Xenoverse 2, playing FighterZ and watching Battle of GodsResurrection ‘F’ and Broly, and even reading some of the Super manga. Now I want to talk about Dragon Ball, because… well, I’m bored, and trying to limit going outside. But beyond that, this experience has exposed me to anime again in a big way, and it’s thanks to rediscovering something that I thought I’d moved on from.

Here are my (relatively) brief opinions on the Dragon Ball Super anime, Dragon Ball Super manga and Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ and Dragon Ball Super: Broly movies, in the order I was exposed to them.

(Heads up: I watched everything with English audio, but I’m not getting into the performances because, well, they’re all good and I don’t have much to say beyond that). Continue reading “Falling Back Into Dragon Ball”

E3 2017, Microsoft — 4K, Innovative, Immersive, Other Buzzwords

Again, apologies for the amazing lateness (I’m like two weeks late on this!). Stuff comes up, comics needed to be read, Mr. Robot episodes needed to be watched. Anyway, here are my thoughts on Microsoft’s 2017 E3 conference. Minor releases and the like are at the bottom. Continue reading “E3 2017, Microsoft — 4K, Innovative, Immersive, Other Buzzwords”