Road Trip with the Transformers, Entry 5 — Transformers #5

Road Trip with the Transformers is what happens when you take a guy who grew up with Transformers (well, Robots in Disguise and the Unicron Trilogy, anyway), who was mildly interested in IDW’s Transformers comics — but too scared to dip too far in — and give him a rebooted Transformers comics line. With this, I’ll be quickly reviewing and then commenting on IDW’s new Transformers comic universe that began in March of 2019! The review will be spoiler-free, while commentary will not. With this, I’ll be chronicling my experience as someone who is a lapsed fan of the franchise from childhood, who has only read a few of the previous IDW Transformers comics. Expect me to forget characters’ names, find it hard to tell them apart and have little to no understanding of references to previous continuities! Does that sound like fun? No? Well, you’re coming along anyway! It’s a road trip! Roll out!

Last issue, we found out more about the world and very little about the plot, which is par for the course with this series. Last time, on Transformers: Lore Overload, Brainstorm was killed and a Voin was seen in the area. Rubble thinks he could identify the Voin but Prowl and Bumblebee tell him he can’t because they all look the same. Chromia and Windblade looked into Cyclonus and found nothing. The political situation is going downhill. Basically lots and ltos fo setup with lore peppered in, very little proper character work or narrative progression. Anyway, on with the review!

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