Absolute Carnage: Scream #2 Review — Scattered But Fun

Written by Cullen Bunn
Pencils by Gerardo Sandoval and Alex Arizmendi
Inks by Gerardo Sandoval, Alex Arizmendi and Victor Nava
Colours by Erick Arciniega
Letters by VC’s Cory Petit
Published by Marvel Comics

Cover price: $3.99 USD

With the second month of Absolute Carnage tie-ins having begun, Scream has the distinction of being the first Absolute Carnage tie-in miniseries to get a second issue. The Scream tie-in has the benefit of featuring two somewhat popular characters who are actually tied to the Venom mythos and the first issue was pretty good for what it was. However, despite still being fun, this issue is less interesting, with a relatively generic plot and less interesting dialogue and narration. Continue reading “Absolute Carnage: Scream #2 Review — Scattered But Fun”