Video Game Reviews

These are my thoughts on the games I play. While I may not get review copies or get reviews out in that timely a manner, you can trust my reviews to be thorough and articulate. I started with a 5-point system, since I recall hearing on Good Game (a video game-focused show here in Australia) that the 10-point system is difficult to use, since anything below a 5 is generally deemed as bad anyway, so you only utilised half the numbers. However, since then I’ve thought it through more thoroughly, and I feel that if you are clear on what each score means, a 10-point system is more precise. Because of this, I’ve decided to change to a 10-point system, with half-points for good measure (no, this doesn’t mean a 3/5 would’ve been a 6/10). So here’s the guide to what each score means:

1 – Horrible. Broken. Doesn’t work. Big Rigs.

2 – Awful. Works, but just barely.

3 – Bad – It works… and that’s all that can be said for it.

4 – Below Average. Would be an okay game if not for some elements.

5 – Average. Just okay. Competent, but not really good or bad in any way.

6 – Above average. Alright all around. An average game with some enjoyable elements

7 – Good. Has some genuinely good elements, but only some, that makes it good.

8 – Great. Better than good, even awesome in some areas. Has faults, but they’re nothing major.

9 – Excellent. Really good, enjoyable all around with just something that holds it back.

10 – Amazing. Everything works. Amazing game all around, with all elements working together to make something truly amazing.