Australian who blogs about video games and comics. I talk about industry trends and news; review games and comics; and just write about stuff. This blog is supposed to be updated at least once a week, but I’m a uni student, so that doesn’t always happen.

Following me on Twitter gets you my my immediate impressions on comics and games… and lots of other stuff.

Vidya Gaems

Industry Talk – My thoughts on the video game industry, trends and news.

Impressions – Quick impressions of game demos, alphas, betas, etc. Usually a lot less concise and well-written than reviews, since these are done quick-and-dirty and I’m on a time limit a lot of the time, what with the limited time to play and all.

Preview Thoughts – My opinions on trailers and gameplay demos; basically Impressions but where I haven’t personally played anything. Mostly limited to franchises I already have at least a passing interest in, since I don’t watch trailers for new IP from new devs.

The Funneh Books

Recommendations for the New Comic Reader – The inelegantly named posts where I recommend ongoing series, specifically focused on newer readers. “New readers” being the key phrase, so nothing that could scare people away from comics. Limited to series where the current arc is a good jumping on point for readers, with no necessary backtracking.

Rantings – My thoughts on the comic book industry and news. These can range from topical issues to thoughts on upcoming releases to just something I felt like putting out there.


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