Falling Back Into Dragon Ball

When it comes to Shonen, everyone has their first love. Really, I think my first proper Shonen anime that I got really into was Naruto (of course), which happened during my teenage years (of course) when I was a big weeb (of course). But, really, my first proper one, from all the way back in my days as a child barbarian with no Fuzz to speak of, was Dragon Ball Z.

Thanks to COVID-19 putting the comic book industry on hold, and with me not being interested in the video games that haven’t been delayed, I decided to watch Dragon Ball Super. This awakened things in me…

I ended up watching all of Super, playing Xenoverse 2, playing FighterZ and watching Battle of GodsResurrection ‘F’ and Broly, and even reading some of the Super manga. Now I want to talk about Dragon Ball, because… well, I’m bored, and trying to limit going outside. But beyond that, this experience has exposed me to anime again in a big way, and it’s thanks to rediscovering something that I thought I’d moved on from.

Here are my (relatively) brief opinions on the Dragon Ball Super anime, Dragon Ball Super manga and Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ and Dragon Ball Super: Broly movies, in the order I was exposed to them.

(Heads up: I watched everything with English audio, but I’m not getting into the performances because, well, they’re all good and I don’t have much to say beyond that). Continue reading “Falling Back Into Dragon Ball”