Hanging with the HiX-Men, an Introduction

Writing about comics as a hobby is strange. Because it’s just a hobby and I have lots and lots of other hobbies, it’s something that can very easily slip if I don’t enjoy it. Such was the case with Road Trip with the Transformers, a feature that didn’t last past five parts because I just didn’t enjoy it. I kept thinking that I would catch up, but I just wasn’t enjoying reading the comics, let alone writing about them. They weren’t even bad enough to be enjoyably bad, they were just mediocre. What eventually made me realise this was the hype, anticipation and finally release of Jonathan Hickman’s first X-Men comic, House of X #1.

See, Jonathan Hickman is a writer I truly love. I didn’t always love him, as it took me a while and a few attempts to really get into his Fantastic Four and Avengers runs, but once I was hooked I was hooked. I went back and read his other works, like Secret Warriors, The Ultimates and Red Wing, among others. And while I can’t say I always love his work, I admire the man as a creator who can tell such intricate stories in such different styles (as long as he gets to do some graphic design). The announcement of the Dawn of X relaunch lent credence to the idea that Hickman truly had a plan for Marvel’s long-suffering franchise, helping build that excitement within me that this was something worth committing to. After reading House of X #1… I realised that I’ve never felt this before. Being hyped for a comic and anticipating it — enough to actually get my comics on a Wednesday like some sort of animal — and it actually delivering!

Because of this, I decided I had to retire Road Trip with the Transformers. It was fun while it lasted — well, it was fun to conceive and fun to write for about two entries — but I couldn’t let it drag me down. Having to write about something that I didn’t enjoy, that showed no signs of improving, I realised made this less of a hobby and more of a chore. Instead, I’ve decided to look at Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men run — which I call HiX-Men — because this is something I can’t see myself losing interest in any time soon. Of course, I might down the line (it’s Hickman so I probably won’t) and other hobbies and life might get in the way, but for now I’m committed to this.

It won’t be quite the same format this time around; instead I want to just review the comics at first, maybe pointing out some cool moments here and there that truly stand out. Afterwards, when I think a particular story arc is done, I will do a closer analysis and recap. I think this will allow me to keep more up to date with things while still allowing me to spotlight certain moments and look at a story with some depth.

With that in mind… Welcome to the HiX-Men, hope you survive the experience (and graphics)!

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