Predicting Brian Michael Bendis’ DC Comics

News has broke broke a while ago (yeah, I’ve been procrastinating finishing this post for a while) that Brian Michael Bendis — acclaimed for his runs on Ultimate Spider-Man, Daredevil and Alias, not so acclaimed for his work on Avengers, X-Men and Iron Man — will be writing exclusively for DC Comics, after years of writing for Marvel. This is a big surprise, to say the least, and is something I have… mixed opinions on. But before I list the projects I both think Bendis will be good for and those I think he may get anyway, I’m just going to preface this post with a warning when it comes to Bendis’ writing.

Bendis is a writer who always starts strong, but his lack of long-term planning always rears its head. You have things like the mystery of Ronin’s identity: obviously meant to be Daredevil, Ronin was revealed to be Maya Lopez in the end, because she was just using a muscle suit! And just ignore that she’s deaf and could never have read Iron Man or Spider-Man’s lips! Or how Moon Knight didn’t end up affecting Age of Ultron at all despite that being most of its point! Or how the Skrull reveals in Secret Invasion were extremely (for the most part) disappointing! Because of his general lack of follow through, whatever Bendis ends up cannot be judged immediately. Because it will be a good comic at first. They always are. So before we shout that he’s the second coming, let’s give it a year or two. Let’s wait to see if his likely amazing premise is actually delivered on.

Without further adieu, these are the projects I think Bendis will get, and my opinions on his possible work on them. Continue reading “Predicting Brian Michael Bendis’ DC Comics”

16/11/17 Update

So this is awkward. I bet a lot of you thought this blog died, huh? Well it didn’t. You can tell it didn’t because my last blog update apparently came from the future. Yeah, that’s it, I was inventing time travel. Just you wait, I’ll go back and make the important changes. Like telling Geoff Johns to stay on Aquaman. Or telling myself to not fall behind on my blog. You know, the stuff that really matters.

But in all seriousness, I have really fallen behind here. Not only in terms of new content, but also in my comic rankings (some of you apparently come here just for that). I’m catching up, and it will probably be up to date by the end of the month. I could go faster, but I’ve just been really enjoying my time off uni. Also, I plan on actually writing stuff again, and have something already in the works.

So yeah, just a heads up to you all: this blog isn’t dead, it was just asleep.