31/07/17 Update

So I’ve been gone for a while. Aside from just being tired from uni, I also spent a while getting new furniture, which takes a lot more time and effort than I thought. I also started my masters, which are much more difficult than my Bachelors were. So I’ve been busy, in addition to my regular procrastination. But I feel the need to just give a quick update on this blog’s status and all, even if it’s something I update on a whim as it is. It surprised me how many people check this blog despite the lack of content, so it only felt right to give a quick update.


Something I never got around to doing was the rest of my E3 commentary. While I did watch more conferences, I never wrote about them because of time, and it just passed the point of relevance. I mean, I usually don’t care about that too much, but when it comes to conferences and trailers, I do. I shall sum up my opinions with:

Bethesda – this is what happens when you say you’ll have your own conference with blackjack and hookers… then run out of blackjack and hookers. There was just nothing that interested me, and they spent more time reliving past successes with videos than announcing anything new. The newest things, if I recall correctly, was some Dishonored 2 DLC. I do not care. Oh, but we are getting a sequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order called Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. I can’t remember much of the trailer, but it looked fun, though there was a woman rocking a huge afro that kinda… broke any sense of tension. Also, BJ and Anya are in it, and hopefully Anya’s voice actress didn’t get a pay cut for accidentally revealing the sequel early. But that was it. The rest of the conference was garbage. To sum up :

The others I haven’t seen, have forgotten or just don’t care to comment. I’ll watch the Sony conference when I have the time. Hopefully next year will be a better time for me when it comes to E3.

Discontinued features

I’ve decided to remove the “What I’m currently wasting my time on” widget on the side menu, just because I tend to start and stop reading things on a whim, and it’s not really important to anything. The same goes with games, but mostly because the games that were on there (Final Fantasy XVGravity RushMass Effect: Andromeda) were all sandbox games. The games list started first, and was intended to hint at what I might be reviewing, but that didn’t work out. I will be reviewing some games on here though: Emily Is Away Too (I’ve been slowly working on this review since the game’s launch) and Furi (a game from last year I have strong opinions on). Of course, this is subject to change like everything on my blog, but I hope to get these out to brush up on my video game reviewing.

“Review and Recap” hasn’t been updated that frequently, mostly because of length. While I find it fun to snark about the comics and all, it’s just a lot of work, especially since I already kind of do that on my Twitter. Plus, to be more entertaining, it mostly means having to read bad comics, something I generally don’t do. Unlike video games and movies, it’s something I have to actively read and do on my own. Plus, I just don’t like supporting bad creators. And trust me, there have been a lot of bad comics since I stopped doing Review and Recap. I might get back to it in the holidays — maybe focus on trades or arcs instead of ongoings — but it’s not going to be a regular thing.

Finally, there’s the rarity of “The franchise and Me”; as in I only ever did it once. I started it because of a segment I heard on the Co-Optional Podcast years back, that basically said that it’s hard to evaluate the usefulness of a review if you don’t understand the reviewer’s history with a series. Since then, I’ve found it relatively easy to sum that up at the beginning of a review. Sure, it lengthens the review, but video game reviews are already long. Unless my thoughts on a series are complex, I don’t think it’s important that I write a long diatribe about my thoughts on it. Instead, I see it more as something for me; it’s a nice way for me to put out my thoughts on a franchise. I may or may not do another in the future.


So I ended up getting new bookshelves! And a new computer desk! And basically new everything-except-bed! And part of why I wanted new bookshelves was because my old one (yes, singular) was so hideous. It was this office grey colour that was just hideous. But with two new bookshelves (that unintentionally ended up matching the rest of my room, so that’s a plus), I’m hoping to use them as the background of this blog.

Now, those of you who’ve seen my Instagram know that my photos suck. Luckily, I have someone who can take those pictures for me. However, I’m still working on the layout of things, and as it is, it’s not gonna look very good. Still, I hope to get rid of the random orange background by the end of the year.


And that’s it! The discontinued features and the like haven’t been updated in ages, so they likely won’t be missed (though some people have gone way back in my blog’s history). The E3 stuff was obviously past its point of relevance, so it’s cut too. Beyond that, not much has changed around here, it’s just that I’ve been busy. I do want to keep doing this blog, and I will try, it’s just that uni takes priority. See you in the next post.

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