Super Sons #1 Review

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Art by Jorge Jimenez
Colours by Alejandro Sanchez
Published by DC Comics
Cover price: $2.99 USD

Peter J. Tomasi is a writer who has always excelled at sentiment. From the restless Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner in Green Lantern Corps to the father-son dynamic in Batman and Robin, to the more recent, and different, father-son dynamic in Superman, it’s clear Tomasi has an affinity for pulling at the heart strings in the superhero genre. Super Sons is Tomasi taking a stab at writing boyhood adventures, and, to nobody’s surprise, he knocks it out of the park. Super Sons #1 is a really fun comic about two boys and their budding friendship doing what boys their age do, only with more capes and fighting and less parental supervision.

Super Sons #1 serves to set the stage for the series, establishing the different lives of Damian Wayne and Jonathan Kent, and their relationship. It’s incredibly well done, with Damian giving off the feeling of being an older kid trying to get his younger friend Jon into trouble while Jon acts like he wants Damian to go away. The two boys have a great dynamic, as Damian acts superior, prideful and in-charge, while Jon tries his best to maintain his good boy upbringing despite the fact that Damian clearly gets under his skin and is making him do things he sort of already wants to do. It’s just fun to see the two boys interact in a way that feels natural for their ages. Damian trying to act cool in front of Jonathan is adorable, and Jon just trying his hardest to keep being nice while also teasing Damian back is great. If you’re reading Teen Titans like I am for whatever reason, the issue has layers and plays nicely into the idea that Damian has recently realised that he needs more friends his own age, and Super Sons #1 approaches that really well, since you can tell Damian wants Jon to be his friend. Also, it’s funny. Really funny. The way the two ease each other is funny, but doesn’t ever feel like it gets too mean-spirited, and their reactions to each other’s lives is great too. Super Sons #1 just has great interaction between its leads and is just funny and charming.


There is also actually some plot, and a villain is setup, but it’s not that important, nor does it need to be. Everything in the story feels like a fun, superhero version of something real boys their age would do, from a snowball fight to breaking and entering into a scary place. Plus, the two actually do engage in some heroics, just on a smaller scale, like stopping bullies. We also see the home lives of both Damian and Jon, and by this point, Tomasi excels at writing both the Batfamily and Superfamily. We see that the two do have loving families, but also very busy fathers. It’s a good way to explain why the two would go around adventuring with each other, rather than with their fathers.

Jorge Jimenez’s art is a perfect fit for this series. It’s expressive and cartoon-y enough that it can work with the lighthearted story, while also being versatile enough that it can work with heartwarming and tense scenes. Plus, the sheer cute-factor really helps elevate the issue’s hijinks. Jimenez is also great with action scenes, and his scene of Jon running while carrying Damian has a lot of energy, so he’s set for that as well. Alejandro Sanchez’s colours work well, with bright colours for the daytime scenes that add to the sense of fun, with darker hues for the few night time scenes, which never feel too dark, and never take away from the sense of fun.


If this issue is any indicator, Super Sons is going to be an amazing series. One filled with fun and humour, but also one where the characters will have a great dynamic. If you like youthful exploits and the idea of two boys teasing each other and building a friendship as they have some adventures, Super Sons #1 is something you can’t miss.

5/5 – Amazing!

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