E3 2016, Bethesda – I Wish I Cared About Dishonored Enough

Am I the only one who finds it strange that Bethesda is hosting another E3 conference? Last year’s was absolutely justified because of Fallout 4, but how long will they keep doing this? I mean, what happens next year? If they announce Elder Scrolls VI, cool. But will they be able to maintain that hype train until its release? Say what you want about Fallout 4, but the marketing and timing of it all was on point. Unless Elder Scrolls VI releases next year, which it won’t, what can they really show? But I guess once you do one, you just gotta keep going.

Quake revival! That looks like an edgier Overwatch!

Quake Champions was announced, and it’ll include class abilities. Because that’s the current FPS trend and will probably continue to be so for this console generation and the next. I’m against it if only because I like arena shooters for the focus on pure skill, and having class abilities inhibits that. Also, the trailer for the game looks like one of those fake games you see in movies and the like. Also, why does that girl have glowing (literally!) blue hair? Whatever, I’ll probably play the beta, but it looks exactly like what you’d expect from someone trying to make a gritty class-based FPS, and sounds like a worse version of the current Doom’s multiplayer.

I will never understand the hype people have for this game.

Anyway, this is the another conference I couldn’t catch because of uni. But what everyone seems most excited about is Dishonored 2. There was gameplay shown, with new powers like reversing time and using abilities and gadgets in unison. And we got some gameplay of Emily and were told that there would be an option to play through the game without any magic powers, which, to me, seems like it’s most likely to give you the best or “canon” ending. I’ve never really cared for Dishonored, since the world has always felt like pretty standard steampunk, and the plot of the first game was average (from what I played). There’s some interesting stuff with the magic, but even then it feels pretty generic. Heck, my favourite part of it was the way the Blink ability sped up stealth gameplay. Whatever the case, fans seem happy with what was shown of Dishonored 2.

maxresdefault (1)
I lost sci-fi bounty hunting in space for this…

Prey was also revived… and yes, it’s Prey, not Prey 2. It’s apparently a reboot… of a series that has only one game. At least when Mirror’s Edge Catalyst did this it had the decency to add the Catalyst! It’ll be based on an abandoned space station and seems more horror-orientated this time around, meaning I’ve lost all interest in it. Sorry, but I was looking forward to Prey 2 because it promised that I’d get to be a space bounty hunter. The fact that Bethesda are willing to restart this franchise like this weirds me out — was the minimal brand recognition really worth it?

Fallout 4 is getting further DLC, one piece of which will allow you to build your own vault, which is pretty cool. It will also get VR support down the line, which I have no interest in since the movement in that game is just clunky enough to be distracting. Nothing about better choices and quests, however, which are my main problems with the game.

Other than that, we got a cinematic for The Elder Scrolls Legends and the announcement of a The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim remaster for the current generation of consoles that will support mods, which wasn’t a surprise (this was leaked or heavily assumed beforehand) and while this usually wouldn’t affect me in the slightest, as some who’s mainly PC gamer, if you own a PC version of Skyrim with all the DLC, you’ll get the upgrade for free. I can just picture how this is going to screw with my mods. There was also some stuff announced for The Elder Scrolls Online, which one woman in the crowd loved, and some stuff for Doom which I stopped caring about once I finished its campaign. Oh, and there may have been a hint of a new Wolfenstein game called The New Colossus.

Everyone really already knew what this conference was going to be about, and it turns out everyone was right. No surprises, just Bethesda going through the motions without a big, hyped up title to support it all, at least for me (I’m sure Dishonored 2 was supposed to be that game). And aside from that, the surprises were just weird: Prey was rumoured to be making a reappearance, but that’s really not the case, and Quake just looks wrong as a class-based — or even worse, hero-based — FPS. But it didn’t go out of its way to annoy me and clearly understood gamers, if not Quake fans, and that makes it better than EA’s conference.


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