Black Panther (2016) #1 Review

Over on my old blogspot… blog, I did some quick comic overviews. For a while now, I’ve wanted to start reviewing comics again, but the timing never quite worked out. I didn’t want to start with a random issue; I wanted to start by reviewing a first issue, at the very least. I wanted to do Black Widow, but I missed the timing on that due to uni stuff, but that may have been for the best, since now I can do Black Panther. Anyway, here goes…

Even before its release, Black Panther was going to be a big deal. It’s releasing before the character gets a bigger profile from Captain America: Civil War. It boasts an award-winning novelist as writer. I’ve never heard of the creators, but Coates apparently won an award at some point, so hey, can’t be a Scott Lobdell kind of guy.

The very first page dispelled a big concern of mine: that Coates was gonna be a novelist coming onto a lowly comic book and would want to “define” T’Challa entirely, and ignore everything that came before. But instead, Coates chooses to acknowledge what came before in a natural and fitting manner. It’s refreshing to have a new writer, a novelist at that, who doesn’t wipe away everything that came before. Continue reading “Black Panther (2016) #1 Review”

Impressions – Doom Closed Beta

This is a new thing I’ll be doing where I give quick thoughts on a beta or demo or the like. They’re not going to be as thorough as my reviews, they’re just done quick and dirty like.

Last weekend, I found that I somehow ended up being able to play the Doom Closed Beta. I don’t recall ever signing up for it, but hey, it was playable so why not? I liked what I saw of the single player stuff from E3, so I figured I might as well try the multiplayer.

Continue reading “Impressions – Doom Closed Beta”