Target Australia Are Saving Our Children!

Target Australia have decided to replace the covers for R18+ games with plain covers. They’re free to do what they want, but I gotta say, this is embarrassing. It’s so over-the-top that it just feels like a parody of itself. Guys, what does this really do? If the game was R18+, kids shouldn’t have been able to buy it anyway, at least if people were doing their jobs.

I guess it makes the games look unappealing, but I for one don’t know anyone who impulse buys a game. I mean, ones that aren’t on sale an incredibly cheap. Generally, console gamers know what games are coming out and when, or at least look up reviews and the like for things they aren’t looking forward to enough to buy Day 1. So… huh. I guess those really young kids would be dissuaded by this, but you shouldn’t have been selling it to them to begin with! Unless their parent bought it for them, in which case parent better!

Whatever, I’m sure it’s because we need to “think of the children.” This doesn’t really affect much, and really, who goes to Target for games? Years from now, we’ll look back at this and laugh, like any time this sort of thing happens. But it’s just sad that gaming still cops a double-standard, and is still treated like it’s for children. Maybe I should go to a Target and replace the cover of every copy of Fifty Shades of Grey with paper! Hey, it’s just about the children, right? I’m a freakin’ hero!

The Shanghai Major and eSports Professionalism

For those who don’t know, caster James “2GD” Harding was fired from the Shanghai Major for unprofessionalism, with Gabe Newell himself calling Harding “an ass”. Now, there’s a whole load of controversy around who was right and who was wrong in the whole affair, but I’m firmly in the camp that both parties should have been more professional. eSports is still young, and really, I hope we can all learn from this. eSports is always seen as a bit more casual than other sports, and that seems to be what 2GD was best at. Of course, he brought his more relaxed style to the Shanghai Major… Which is a pretty dumb move.

I get it, eSports casting is very casual as opposed to other sports casting. But really, should it be? Don’t we want eSports to be recognised as a legitimate sport by everyone? You can still have your guy casting in his dorm room in boxer shorts, but when it’s a big tournament, shouldn’t it be more formal? Like every other sport? Maybe it’s just me, but I want more formal eSports casting in the big leagues. I want eSports to have a professionalism to it at higher levels. I want my casters to not tell racist jokes about their masturbation habits.