Top 5 Games I missed In 2015

So 2015 was a big year for me. I got back into gaming by buying an Xbone, and built my first gaming PC. So of course, I had to play catch-up, meaning I missed a lot of stuff. With the Winter (Summer in Australia) Steam Sale under way, it seemed fitting to list the big games I missed. Here are the games that I REALLY wish I got around to in 2015, in descending order:


Undertale is a game I have tried my hardest to not spoil for myself. I’ve heard nothing but praise for the little indie RPG, so I definitely want to try it. But pixel-art is something that I really need to be in the mood for, and that mood hasn’t really struck me recently. All I know about the game is that you can choose to not fight enemies in an interesting approach to combat, and that the game is quirky and has a great story. Definitely something I need to get around to.

ss_0d88d85f2797f769c51a56d236ed4449d103401eHer Story

While I’m avoiding Undertale because of its graphics, I’m avoiding Her Story based on everything it seems to be,at least on the surface. Part of the praise it gets stems from the acting from the main actress. But with video games, everyone kinda has lower standards than with other mediums. And it might be an interactive-movie more than anything, based on how many people say it’s not a game. Plus, I’m not in the mood for any really intense story with no room to breathe. I love The Witcher 3′s story, but the gameplay gives you time to take it all in. There’s a break, and if Her Story really isn’t a game, it won’t have those breaks. And in general, the game may just be too hyped up. Just… I don’t know.

ss_9c92ce8b9809a3f0b5b2316b7146684eabab07d3Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

This one I knew I’d only get around to when it had a decent discount on it. As someone who’s just never gotten into the Metal Gear franchise, one or two games aside (Peace Walker and Revengeance), it’s just a really intimidating franchise. It’s got a reputation for being so far up its own ass that it’s just impenetrable. And from watching someone play its first hour, Phantom Pain seems to be a very Japanese-style narratively-driven game; don’t question, just play and listen to our story. Plus, the Quiet character is just embarrassing. And yet, after playing Ground Zeroes, I’m willing to move past that… to a degree. While I’ve heard amazing things about the gameplay, I’m gonna wait until it’s cheaper. I’m gonna play this for gameplay and nothing else.

ss_962a25a5e9ab7d19df03ffa7c7f7693ba562e787Rocket League

I’m not a competitive guy. I prefer co-operative multiplayer, and competitive stuff never seems to work out in my favour. Didn’t stop me from playing Battlefront (regrettably) and Rainbow Six Siege, but those games had something else going for them. Battlefront had its licence, and Rainbow Six Siege’s matches are short and sweet; plus I got to play the closed beta, so I knew I liked it. Rocket League seems to be in the Borderlands camp of “stupid fun with friends, complete hell on your own”. While it’s not as bad as Borderlands in that regard – since Borderlands is an incredibly bad shooter on its own – Rocket League just looks like it’s incredibly frustrating. And frustration on your own is always worse than frustration with others. I’ll probably never get around tot his one.

Halo-5-GuardiansHalo 5: Guardians

My first first-person shooter was Halo: Combat Evolved. Halo: Reach and Halo 4 were some of the only competitive shooters I ever played online consistently. Halo 5 is one of the reasons I bought an Xbone instead of a PS4 this year! And yet, when it came around… I just let it keep walking. I didn’t care. Maybe I’ve grown out of it. Maybe the story just wasn’t advertised well. Maybe it’s the lack of improvement in graphical fidelity. Maybe it was the microtransactions. Maybe it was all of the above. Whatever it was, I just didn’t care about this game. At the beginning of the year, I was prepared to pre-order the Collector’s Edition. Now, I can’t even be bothered to buy the regular edition when it’s at $70. I guess the magic in my relationship with Halo just died. But I wish it well in whatever it does next, I just can’t be a part of it.

So there it is, the top five games I missed in 2015. Some just because of time, some because of a variety of things, and some just… because. But hey, no more gloom! Next up will be my top games of 2015!

Originally published here on the 23rd of December, 2015.

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